Who are we. Ecological products for washing cars - Ibercompound
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About us

Ibercompound, S.L. was created by Antonio Abad Pascual in 1976. Since then, it has experienced the car wash implementation process in Spain, in addition to its economic cycles.

Ibercompound has achieved a very important position in the Wash sector, collaborating with the most important companies both at home and abroad, with the major wash equipment manufacturers, petroleum companies, spare-parts groups, and large buying groups.

We highlight the PROFESSIONALISM and SPECIALISATION of our company, focusing on all the Vehicle Washing processes, always offering CUSTOMISED SUPPORT, ASSISTANCE, SERVICE and TECHNICAL-COMMERCIAL SUPPORT.

In continuous development and pioneers in products for the automotive sector, making a large investment in research and in our R + D Department.
Continuous improvement of the products, assuming the commitment to continue researching continuously to develop new more innovative and effective products, and without forgetting the protection of the Environment and cost reduction.
All the products manufactured by Ibercompound are subject to strict quality controls carried out in our laboratories to comply with the established specifications.


  • FACTORY: First steps of its activity at a small factory in the centre of Barcelona.


  • FACILITIES: Acquisition of 6,000 sq.m. for the future construction of the new factory in Moià.


  • FACTORY: New factory in Moià, 50 kilometres from the city of Barcelona, with a first 1,500 sq.m. building for production and storage, although the distribution was carried out from another building that the company owns in Polinyà, with 1,000 sq.m. warehouse and distribution capacity.
    The factory has 1 Quality Laboratory and 1 R&D Laboratory.


  • LOGISTICS: Creation of a new building to improve the logistics capacity and finished product warehouse, with 2,000 sq.m capacity, resulting from its first forays into the international market
  • CERTIFICATIONS: The company is certified to ISO 9001 requirements in Quality, ISO 14001 in Environment, and EMAS. The only company in the sector with these three approvals.


  • TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRE 1The need arises to create a technology centre to achieve greater autonomy to research into future products


  • TECHNOLOGY CENTRE : The company proudly opens is first technological test centre to research, develop and test the entire product range, as well as to guarantee the maintenance of the washing machines, simplify faults, and reduce maintenance costs.


  • TECHNOLOGY CENTRE 2:  Acquisition of another wash centre which, given the foreign market demand in the powder detergent range, gives us greater flexibility in terms of performing tests and giving demonstrations to clients and distributors.


  • Ibercompound launches its new CARFLON-DOUBLE BOND AUTOMOTIVE range onto the market following a two-year collaboration with the major polymer manufacturer. The range includes 4 types of products with different applications but always providing vehicles with a spectacular finish, combining a vehicle paint repair effect with high protection, and also providing a high gloss finish and immediate water-repellent effect.


  • NEW BRAND:  Acquisition of KARKIMIK SPAIN manufacturers of Antifreeze and Windscreen cleaner products for the Automotive, Nautical and Solar Energy sectors.
  • PRODUCTION SYSTEM: This acquisition allows it to double the production capacity of this product range with the new packing and manufacturing line.
  • PRODUCT RANGE: Ibercompound presents its new CARFLON – DOUBLE BOND AUTOMOTIVE range, formulated with new Teflon polymers, offering a spectacular finish in terms of GLOSS, WATER-REPELLENCE and MICROSCRATCH SEALANT EFFECT


  • PRODUCTION SYSTEM: Ibercompound purchases new powder detergent manufacturing equipment in addition to the system it already had, to increase its production and offer a wider product range.
  • POWDER DETERGENT RANGE: Ibercompound develops new ground-breaking powder detergent formulations, providing them with colour and new aromas.
  • RECOGNITION AS EXPORTING COMPANY: Ibercompound was selected by PIMEC Patronal Catalana (Spain) as one of the most successful Catalan companies at a global level, for its growth, and the company’s export and globalisation strategies.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT RECOGNITION: The company received the EU silver medal for its ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT systems (EMAS) for its more than 10 years adhered to this system.


  • R&D: Production capacity must be linked to an Innovation (R&D) project, hence the investment in one of our laboratories to equip it with new high quality and latest-generation equipment in terms of finished product and process control.
  • PRODUCT RANGE: First and only domestic manufacturer that uses pioneer raw material in it formulas in the vehicle wash sector. IBERCOMPOUND S.L. launches its new CERAS STAR range onto the market. New formulations with natural origin raw materials with new ULTRA DRYING AND HIGH GLOSS features, as well as being more environmentally friendly.


  • PRODUCTION SYSTEM: Acquisition of new reactors with greater manufacturing, automation and improvement capacity in the automatic packing and manufacturing lines. Its storage capacity of more than 400 cu.m. must not be overlooked
  • CERTIFICATIONS: The HA registration for the food industry was obtained for one of its products.


  • IMAGE: Ibercompound presents its new logo and corporate image, unifying a drop with the blue tone of water and the green of the environment. We commit to Responsible Washing!

Continuing with the company’s growth line, different investments have been made in our company over the years.

Over the last few years, Ibercompound has invested in modernisation with the latest technologies to double its manufacturing capacity to supply the new domestic and international markets.


Potential market

The focus of our organisation’s activities are the main markets at a regional, national and international level.

Own Branch Offices

The company’s head offices are located in Barcelona, it has its own commercial network in Catalonia, and branch offices in Bilbao and Madrid.

National Distributors

Commercial network comprised of national distributors, collaborating with the main wash professionals and covering all the Spanish provinces, with delivery times that do not exceed 48 hours.

International distributors (exports)

Our products are sold in more than 40 countries.