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Calidad y MA 2015

Environmental declaration


IBERCOMPOUND has implemented a quality assurance system (ISO 9001), an environmental management system (ISO 1400) and a European Commission eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS). The only company in the sector with these 3 certifications, offering:


  • Scope: Design, manufacture and marketing of chemicals formulated for the Automotive, Communities and Hygiene, Food, Industrial Maintenance and Water Treatment sectors


All products manufactured by Ibercompound are submitted to strict quality controls performed at our laboratories to comply with the established specifications


Compliance with European regulations

Strict compliance with the European regulations in force on matters related to the environment, labelling, packing and transport.

Toxicology Department

IBERCOMPOUND has a customer support services in the toxicology department for all its products. Tel.: (+34) 91-5620420

REACH Regulation

IBERCOMPOUND satisfies all the requirements established by (EC) Regulation no. 19907/2006, of 1 June 2007, of the European Parliament and Council, relating to the restriction of substances and chemicals (REACH) To pursue this compliance, all the substances that must be pre-registered as processors, manufacturers or importers, are analysed. Moreover, IBERCOMPOUND ensures that its suppliers satisfy their obligations, asking them for information about the substances and products used in the role of intermediate users.