Automatic washing with biodegradable products - Ibercompound
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Automatic washing

Ibercompound has a wide range of Car Wash products that adapt to the different water qualities, wash equipment, applications, price, country regulations and customer requirements, covering all wash processes.

  1. Prewash / Vehicle conditioning / Organic matter remover
  2. Chemical wash (Wash without brushes)
  3. Wash with brushes made of different materials
  4. Foams / coloured foams
  5. Water-repellent / Quick opening and ultra-drying waxes
  6. Wide waxing range and different final gloss features and water qualities
  7. Carflon and polymer wax range – Formulated with latest generation fluorinated polymers
  8. Optional washes: Wheel rim cleaner

Compliance with chemical requirements demandable by wash equipment manufacturers, always with technical advice by IBERCOMPOUND.

Our company always guarantees the best wash quality at the lowest cost. It is important to always combine good wash equipment with a good chemical to optimise the result.