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Sirius Wax

SIRIUS wax is an ULTRA-FAST SUPERHYDROFUGANT WAX specially indicated for automatic and high pressure equipment.
The sirius wax reduces the remains of water on the vehicle recently washed, obtaining a faboulous drying effect.The main features are:
  • Instant hydrophobing effect (immediate opening of the water on the bodywork)
  • Unbeatable drying.
  • High quality shine.
  • Anti-corrosive protection of the paint.
  • Unbeatable result, regardless of the quality of the water and the type of installation.
We are the first and the only manufacturer in Spain that formulates with raw materials of natural origin, pioneers in the vehicle washing sector.

Join our Philosophy and protect the Environment. Join responsible washing. If you want more information about these products, do not hesitate to contact your area representative, calling (+34) 93 428 61 76.