ECO GREEN - Ibercompound
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ECO-GREEN is our range of products for the reduction of waste values. Do not worry anymore about the results of anionic surfactants, total phosphorus, alkalinity in water, sulfur, hydrocarbons, foam …

The ECO-GREEN range consists of products for:

  • Bridges and tunnels of Washing
    • Compatible Shampoo
    • Bacterostatic Shampoo
    • Activated Compatible
  • High Pressure Centers (Boxes)
    • The Eco-Box (New product) – Liquid
    • Compatible Shampoo – Liquid
    • Eco-Powder – Powder without Phosphates
    • Power Shark Green – powder
  • Others:
    • Hydrocarbon degrading tablet

Join our Philosophy and protect the Environment. Join responsible washing. If you want more information about these products, do not hesitate to contact your area representative, calling (+34) 93 428 61 76.