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Wax Foam

Good afternoon,

WAX FOAM is a new development as Neutral Foaming Detergent, suitable for HIGH PRESSURE VEHICLE WASHING CENTERS, FOR AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENTS (Trains and Tunnels) and MANUAL WASHING.
It provides effective cleaning while applying a polishing and surfactant coating on the vehicle that repels water and dirt.

It allows cleaning and drying in a single program:

  • It easily removes dirt from the surface of the vehicle.
  • Great sparkling power for the car body.
  • Easy rinsing.
  • Its instant hydrophobic effect leaves the vehicle completely dry.
  • It Provides high shine on the sheet.
  • Durable anticorrosive effect.
  • It prevents deposition of dirt.
  • Free of silicones, phosphates and NTA.
The product is presented with aroma and colour to make its use and application more pleasant.

Join our Philosophy and protect the Environment. Join responsible washing. If you want more information about these products, do not hesitate to contact your area representative, calling (+34) 93 428 61 76.