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Vda Certificate

We have obtained the VDA certificate that sets the quality standards for the benefit of the German car manufacturers and their suppliers. The VDA standards have their origin in the Association of the German Automobile Industry (Verband der deutschen Automobilindustrie e.V), whose initials are VDA.

The VDA 6.1 standard was developed in 1996 and was aimed at auditing suppliers of parts and products in the automotive industry and obtaining a certificate of quality management systems.

This are the products that obtained the certificate.


A class B Class
Super Activo E-300 Aroma Boxes liquido IC Aroma Frambuesa
Deternet-VA Aroma PowerShark-100
Cera Hidrocar Star PowerShark-200
Cera Marc-159 Star PowerShark-300
Carflon Luxe Pre-Boss Premium
Kamion-261 Plus
Rodaclean Plus

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