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The importance of waxes in the vehicle washing process

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The importance of waxes in the vehicle washing process

  • With the arrival of summer, high temperatures become a challenge for both drivers and vehicles. One of the most critical aspects for maintaining the appearance and functionality of a car in good condition is the protection of its bodywork and paintwork.
  • In this context, vehicle waxes play a fundamental role not only for their ability to aid in the drying process, add shine and improve aesthetics, but also for providing a vital layer of protection against external elements such as temperature, humidity and insects.

While the summer season brings long days, clear skies and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, it also poses unique challenges for vehicles. During these months, high temperatures, intense solar radiation and increased exposure to pollutants can have adverse effects on car bodies and paintwork.

For example, elevated ultraviolet radiation (UV) break down the polymers in the paint, leading to discoloration, oxidation and eventually, causing significant damage and deteriorating the paint.  Thus, for many vehicle owners, summer is a time when extra care is required to ensure that their vehicle remains in top condition.


The importance of waxes to protect vehicle aesthetics in summertime

In this context, vehicle waxes become an essential tool for protecting and maintaining the appearance of cars. Formulated to create a barrier that reflects these rays, they offer essential protection to maintain the integrity and appearance of the car’s bodywork and paintwork.

Investing in a high-quality wax not only improves the immediate appearance of the vehicle in terms of drying and gloss, but also provides long-lasting benefits that can prevent costly damage in the future. Therefore, considering the use of waxes specially formulated for high temperatures is a wise decision for any car owner who wants to keep their vehicle in top condition during the summer and obtain a number of key benefits such as:

  • Hydrophobicity: High-quality waxes also improve the hydrophobicity of the vehicle surface. This means that water, whether from rain or washing, clumps into droplets and slides off the surface easily. This effect not only keeps the vehicle cleaner, but also helps prevent water spots and reduces the chance of water-dissolved contaminants damaging the paint.
  • High-temperature resistance: High-quality waxes are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Unlike ordinary waxes, which may melt or lose effectiveness under intense heat, specific high-temperature waxes remain effective, providing continuous protection.
  • Protection against contaminants: During the summer, vehicles are also more exposed to environmental contaminants such as dust, pollen, tree resin, insects and bird droppings. These contaminants can adhere to the surface of the car and, if not properly removed, can damage the paintwork. Waxes create a protective layer that facilitates the cleaning of these contaminants, preventing them from adhering firmly to the bodywork.
  • Improved appearance: One of the most visible benefits of waxing a vehicle is the immediate improvement in appearance. The wax provides a deep gloss and smooth finish that enhances the color and clarity of the paint. This effect not only improves the car’s aesthetics, but can also increase its resale value.
  • Long-lasting protection: modern waxes are formulated to provide protection against the elements that can last for weeks, even months, depending on driving conditions and vehicle maintenance.
  • Corrosion protection: In addition to protecting against UV and contaminants, waxes also act as a barrier against corrosion. Waxes create an impermeable layer that prevents water and other corrosive agents from penetrating and damaging the underlying layers of paint and metal. This is crucial to prevent rust and long-term structural deterioration.

Ibercompound solutions for maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of vehicles during the summer

With more than 40 years of experience in the vehicle washing, maintenance and conservation sector, Ibercompound has established itself as the leading manufacturer of cleaning and waxing products for vehicle washing.

Thanks to its heavy investment in its research and development departments, the company has also succeeded in formulating its products with raw materials of natural origin, which improve the performance of its products while respecting the environment.

Ibercompound has always stood out for its quality and range of products for vehicle waxing, which have different solutions:

  • Drying wax
  • Drying and gloss wax
  • Water repellent and high gloss waxes
  • Water repellent polishing waxes for textile brushes
  • And premium water repellent waxes: Wax with ceramic protection, polymer waxes….

Gama cerass Ibercompound

All of them with a studied formulation and composition with the latest generation components, which allow to achieve unequaled results. Remaining as the first and only manufacturer at national level that formulates with pioneering raw materials in the car wash sector.

Its products have been designed to be applied after rinsing the vehicle, and can be used both in car wash bridges and in high pressure centers by means of a dosing pump or venturi. Providing a series of benefits such as:Secado inmejorable.

  • High quality gloss.
  • Anti-corrosive protection of the paint.
  • Unbeatable result, regardless of water quality and type of installation.
  • Instantaneous water repellent effect (some ranges) with immediate opening of the water on the bodywork.
  • Minimum dosage due to its high concentration.
  • Water repellent effect against bad weather conditions.
  • Easy removal of water droplets from surfaces, leaving the vehicle dry.
  • Universal product: Can be used in any type of installation and water quality.
  • Anti-adherence to dirt and external contamination.
  • Sealing effect of micro-scratches.