Soligel matte dashboard cleaner - Ibercompound
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Soligel matte dashboard cleaner

What is it?

The Soligel dashboard cleaner is a cleaner and fragrant air-conditioner for plastics and porous surfaces with matte finish, which offers a “like-new” aspect to the treated material.

It is suitable for use in the car and at home with apple fragrance. It is ideal for cleaning, polishing, maintaining and revitalising surfaces of vinyl, plastic, imitation leather, wood and leather. It comes in two formats. 520-400 ml aerosol and professional 1000-750 ml format.

It is advisable to remove the dust from the surface first and spray it from a distance of 30 cm for correct use.

The Soligel Matte dashboard cleaner leaves everything like new!

If you need more information or wish to obtain it, you can contact your area representative or call 93 428 61 76 now.